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Delivering powerful public relations & marketing solutions,
to get you results.

"Over the course of the past 7 years I have been impressed by Ann and her consistent professionalism, call to action responses, and genuine personal approach to all that she does." 


Senior Account Executive
Harris Connect, LLC.

Media Relations

We will identify what makes your organization or small buisness unique, your success stories, who you have helped and how, and this will be the framework for a twelve month editorial calendar. The monthly topics are then transformed into press releases and media alerts, and sent to editors and media personnel specific to your industry and service area, with the goal of increasing awareness about your organization. The incorporation of social media tools is also employed to give you the maximum exposure for the best price.


Non-Profit Management

Many non-profits would benefit from a professional management, but are reluctant to take money from their operating budgets. Our non-profit consulting services can be the answer to this management need. We will consult with your Board of Directors to identify goals for the organization and structure a plan to get you there, at a price you can afford. Services in this area include, Board recruitment,communication and Board meeting facilitation, crafting an annual budget, fund raising efforts, donor identification and communication, financial management, and organizational branding. 


Special Events Management


Our Event Management team will help you create a memorable event and we will handle all of the details from the idea stage to

after-event attendance and financial reports.  Events can include but are not limited to charity walks, dinners, runs, raffle pulls, sporting events, art shows and concerts.


Publication Design and Production


Your non-profit organization or company is doing great things in your community but who knows about it?  Our publications and web design department can create eye-catching brochures and websites that will help you to stand out in your community. Our services in this area include: web page design, annual reports, newsletters, advertisements, logos, commemorative ad books, overview pieces, event invitations, posters and fliers.  


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